SCP 682 in progress sketches

682 took a lot of time to design and was incredibly frustrating. I’ve posted up only a very small handful of sketches that I’ve made in the progress. There’s way more than this, but most of them are too awful or lost in the depths of my sketchbooks or computer files.

None of these are the final designs that I’ve come up with, however some come pretty close or share certain traits. I’ll be posting up the final forms I’ve chosen for him shortly, so everyone who’s been checking in, stay tuned!


Character sketches

Currently, I’m working on a sequel to the SCP 173 animation I created in 2009.

You can view that animation on Newgrounds and Youtube.

I am planning on doing a followup animation for SCP 682. I’ve been working on it off and on for about a year now. I’ve done a lot of drawings for it, a LOT. I plan to release some of them, in no chronological order, on this blog. Many people have been asking me through e-mail and youtube for this sequel so I hope this helps ease the wait.

Here are some character sketches I made. I was trying to create my victims, and I found 5 good ones. I have the model sheets for them made already, but for know I’ll just post some of the progress sketches. Hope you like them!