Got a new toy!

The sketches I’ve posted here have been drawn with my new favorite thing ever, the ASUS ep121. It rocks my socks off and is going to let me animate directly on the screen. I just wanted to show some pictures I’ve made with it and give you guys an update on the project.

I’m still currently finishing up the storyboards, but I’m very very close. As soon as I have them done, I’ll release a few more images. Once I have the animatic is compiled, I’ll post it up on Youtube for you all to see.

As the deadline draws closer and I have to work faster, the time between my updates might get a bit longer, but you’re going to start to see some real animation clips soon instead of just drawings. So keep checking back, things are about to get really exciting!


Storyboard time!

Sorry about the late update, I kept forgetting to use my scanner at work.

But hey, a good way to start off the month is with these, storyboards! These are what I am currently working on, and I’m about halfway done. I have a few days off here, so I’m going to try and pound out as much as I can. The pictures I posted up are just random ones I selected, they’re not consecutive as I didn’t want to put up any spoilers.

They’re a little over detailed for storyboards, but that’s just a bad habit of mine. I hope you enjoy the sneak preview. Next SCP 682 related update might just be a clip from the animatic, with audio!