Another small comic

I made this one a while ago, but I bought some new micron pens and I wanted to try my hand in inking it. As you can see my inking skills definitely need some work. I’m just glad I didn’t make any huge glaring mistakes like I usually do.

As for the subject matter, keep in mind, it’s just a joke.

More SCP 682 stuff coming later this week!


Black panthers rule!

I drew this at request of a co-worker. I was drawing the lion skeletons at the time, so that made it a lot easier. Unintentionally, it looks a lot like Hobbes (Calvin and Hobbes) napping away in a tree. It was fun to make and I like the result.

Also, notice the twitter I have up on the right of the page! I currently have only 1 person following me, so I’m very lonely over there.

Well thanks for reading and keep coming back! Please?