Model Sheets!

I created some characters (or rather victims) for my upcoming 682 animation. I felt the 3 class D characters in my previous animation were far too generic and shallow, and didn’t have any good character design about them.

So I decided to really push the envelope and create 5 farmers who unfortunately lie in 682’s path of destruction. The reason I chose farmers is because of a small excerpt from an interview Dr. ██████ had with 682.

Dr. ██████: Now, why did you kill those farmers?”

There’s a lot of notes on how to draw the character’s and what rules to break or not break. I had played with the idea of gathering a team of animators for the project, but have since decided it’s best to do it solo, since I am not entirely confident on my ability to keep a group of people motivated and active over the interwebs.

Also, if you’re reading this, please leave a comment! I love to get questions and comments and would appreciate any feedback on what you’ve seen so far!

Thanks for sticking with me and keep your eyes peeled for more!


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