Scrabble Comic

This here comic was written by my good friend Tim. It’s pretty funny, you should check it out! I might polish up some of these comics later and add color and all that good stuff to them, or even start an actual webcomic strip (someday)


Oh you want an update on SCP 682? I’m working on it I swear! Storyboards are taking me much longer than expected, I’m thinking I will need to end up cutting some scenes in the end, especially with the amount of time it will take to animate. Next update will have some very good 682 related stuff, I promise.


I’ve been working a lot so that’s been causing the drought in updates, but that should be improving pretty soon here.

Stick around! I’m serious don’t leave this page or I will find you.


Got a new toy!

The sketches I’ve posted here have been drawn with my new favorite thing ever, the ASUS ep121. It rocks my socks off and is going to let me animate directly on the screen. I just wanted to show some pictures I’ve made with it and give you guys an update on the project.

I’m still currently finishing up the storyboards, but I’m very very close. As soon as I have them done, I’ll release a few more images. Once I have the animatic is compiled, I’ll post it up on Youtube for you all to see.

As the deadline draws closer and I have to work faster, the time between my updates might get a bit longer, but you’re going to start to see some real animation clips soon instead of just drawings. So keep checking back, things are about to get really exciting!

Storyboard time!

Sorry about the late update, I kept forgetting to use my scanner at work.

But hey, a good way to start off the month is with these, storyboards! These are what I am currently working on, and I’m about halfway done. I have a few days off here, so I’m going to try and pound out as much as I can. The pictures I posted up are just random ones I selected, they’re not consecutive as I didn’t want to put up any spoilers.

They’re a little over detailed for storyboards, but that’s just a bad habit of mine. I hope you enjoy the sneak preview. Next SCP 682 related update might just be a clip from the animatic, with audio!

Another small comic

I made this one a while ago, but I bought some new micron pens and I wanted to try my hand in inking it. As you can see my inking skills definitely need some work. I’m just glad I didn’t make any huge glaring mistakes like I usually do.

As for the subject matter, keep in mind, it’s just a joke.

More SCP 682 stuff coming later this week!

Tyrant lizard

SCP 682. He’s a monster and he wants to eat you for his lunch. This shape shifting fiend took me a long time to design. I referenced everything I could trying to get working forms for him. Some of my biggest influences were crocodiles, alligators, iguanas, and dinosaurs. It didn’t stop there, however. Creatures from movies like Alien, Cloverfield, Avatar, and various others really helped push the design a lot.
I plan to have 682 gradually grow larger throughout the animation, starting the size of a dog and ending the size of a t-rex. I tried to keep some design consistencies through each of his different phases, so hopefully the average viewer will guess it’s the same monster even if they don’t see the change occur onscreen.

As an afterthought, it almost looks like I designed the evolution stages of some kind of pokemon. Some horrible, evil, diabolical pokemon.

Anyway, as for a status update on his animation. I am currently making revisions to the script, but I have the first act completely story-boarded out. I plan to have my animatic finished either by the end of this month or the end of the first week of August. From then on, it’s animating straight to Halloween night.

SCP 682 in progress sketches

682 took a lot of time to design and was incredibly frustrating. I’ve posted up only a very small handful of sketches that I’ve made in the progress. There’s way more than this, but most of them are too awful or lost in the depths of my sketchbooks or computer files.

None of these are the final designs that I’ve come up with, however some come pretty close or share certain traits. I’ll be posting up the final forms I’ve chosen for him shortly, so everyone who’s been checking in, stay tuned!

Black panthers rule!

I drew this at request of a co-worker. I was drawing the lion skeletons at the time, so that made it a lot easier. Unintentionally, it looks a lot like Hobbes (Calvin and Hobbes) napping away in a tree. It was fun to make and I like the result.

Also, notice the twitter I have up on the right of the page! I currently have only 1 person following me, so I’m very lonely over there.

Well thanks for reading and keep coming back! Please?